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Mourning the passing of Dr. Scott Sims “The Aloha Vet”

While mourning the passing of Dr. Scott Sims “The Aloha Vet”, it is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to one of our own. Dr. Scott Sims passed away this morning, July 25th. Your work with the people of Hawaii and their animals will be remembered always. The heart and soul of your work will live on. Thank you for all of your years of dedication and love to our animals, our pets, our family members.

Please consider making a donation to his very own charity,  THE PEGASUS FOUNDATION.

In Loving Memory of Dr. Scott Sims “The Aloha Vet”
1957 – 2015


  1. Rosemary Rizzo

    My heart is very heavy tonite after hearing about the passing of Dr. Scott. A really wonderful, caring vet. I know that the animals of Hawaii lost a great champion for them.

    Dont know of his family but bless any thru this time. His “girls” must be devastated. My heart goes out to them.

    May you R.I.P.

  2. Francesco & Geraldine Ruvio

    RIP Dr Scott! The animals in Hawaii lost a great vet and human being! Now you’ll care for the animals in heaven!

  3. Marie Latino

    Dr. Scott

    This was a great man and is sorely going to be missed by all. NATGO lost a great man. This is a very said time

  4. Renee Smith

    My condolences to this family, staff, & friends. I enjoyed watching his dedication to animals and their owners. We have been blessed to share in his life through TV. God Bless, Renee

  5. Mr & Mrs warthan Family

    We are sorrowful for your loss. We too, have lost a few members of our family. We will pray for him and the family.

  6. Brenda Culpepper

    Enjoyed watching Aloha Vet. So sorry to hear the loss of such a loving man. His heart was full of love for all the animals and that makes him a great man inside out.

  7. Kenneth W.McGee

    My wife and i have enjoyed his show very much.We are deeply saddened by his passing. We have lost a great person and a greater vet. Thank you very much for your compassion for the animals. R.I.P to a friend and our hearts go out to the family.May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

  8. Alice Clash

    Aloha Vet and The Incredible Dr.Pol, are two of the main reasons why I watch Nat Geo Wild. I always loved to watch Dr. Sims and cringe as he walked barefoot through everything imaginable. As an animal lover I will miss him and the relationship he had with his patients.

    Aloha Dr.Sims, may you continue your work with all your patients that have gone on before you.

  9. Eutruler Wright

    My sincere condolences to family, friends and staff in the passing of your loved one Dr. Scott Sims my prayers are with you ALL, be blessed and continue to look to the hills from whence cometh your help, Agape’

  10. Joseph Wojcicky

    May you now be in heaven treating the animals that you could not save the first time around. God Bless you for being there to help our 4 legged,2 wings and crawly friends. You will be deeply missed by everyone who knew you ,whether it was in person or on your show, wewill miss you!

    1. Joseph Wojcicky

      May you now spend your time with the animals that you tried very hard to save the first time. You will truly be misses by the people of Hawaii and by all the people that watched you on your show. A true lover of animals, God Bless You Dr. Scott.

  11. Renee

    I just saw on Nat geo that Dr.Scott has passed. I am going to truly miss him.Just watching him on Aloha Vet I could tell he had a warm spot in him,and cared about everyone.
    I am sure he is up in heaven with all the fur babies.
    He will be greatly missed.

    RIP Dr. Scott may you rest in peace.. <3

  12. Julie

    My heart is so heavy. I have lost a friend I never met. His goodness and love of others came through the
    screen. My life is emptier now. My condolences to family, co-workers and friends.

  13. Julie

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    My heart is so heavy. I have lost a friend I never met. His goodness and love of others came through the
    screen. My life is emptier now. My condolences to family, co-workers and friends.

  14. Lin Jaynes

    From the first show I was mesmerized @ the ease , This Veterinarian had when working with animals, even those in pain. His compassion for creature’s, was obvious, his love for what he did, shined thru.

    R.I.P. ALOHA!

  15. Barb

    I am so sorry to hear that Dr. Sims is passed away my love goes out to him and his family in the family of people he worked with it all the animal children He love to take God bless you Dr. Sims and I hope to see you in heaven I truly hope that there is another vet that will come to the island and give the same type of treatment that Dr. Sims did for the animals there on the islands love to the end

    1. Barb

      Sorry to hear of his passing I hope that he enjoys taking care of all the animals that he couldn’t save the first time around but will be able to do so in gods heaven you will be missed

  16. Nadine Grganto

    RIP Dr Scott. I loved watching your show and may you see the many patients that you helped and lost here on earth. You will be missed by many people.

  17. Peter Rosen

    This was truly a wonderful man and all of us are better too have known him.

  18. Ginger Taylor

    Scott made our days complete ,watching him treat the animals,and how he was so good to the girls that worked with him

  19. Kathie Moderwell

    How very sad, we loved watching this show. I truly loved the fact that he was barefoot all the time, as I always am. He was a tremendous Vet & I know Dia & Ella are heartbroken. Ella, continue your schooling & take up where Dr. Sims had to leave off. Love & prayers to you all.

  20. Nanci

    Dr. Scott, what a wonderful person. He loved what he did and it showed. God bless his family and friends.
    And Dr. Scott, please take care of my horse Trixie, she went to heaven the same time you did. I know she’s in good hands.

  21. Rebecca Maples

    I hate to hear about your passing Dr. Scott, your work with the animals was just phenomenal. It takes a very special heart & soul to do the type of work that you did with the animals. The animals & their humans were just at ease with you,.animals know &.since about people whether they are good or not & you were just one of a kind. May God be with your family at this time & with all of your friends you have made along the way animals & human. God Bless, Rebecca Maples.

  22. sheri sprung & shel richard

    DR. Scott- we will miss you and Aloha Vet so very much. We’d like to make a donation to the Pegasus foundation; someone please tell me more. God took you from us to soon DR Sims!! ALOHA!!

  23. Heather Brandt

    So very sorry to hear of the death of Dr Scott Sims. He was a kind man who cared so much for those who cannot speak. To his “girls” at the practice…I hope you get to carry on his work and caring in another practice. To his family and friends may God grant you Peace.

  24. Diana Pennell

    I am sad to hear of Dr. Scott’s passing . I have enoyed watching his show and watching him take care of animals that need his services. I will miss him and his shows. I hope someone will continue his practice in caring for the animals in Hawaii. He was a very special person will surely be missed by all. Bless you Dr. Scott, RIP.

  25. Lionel hernande

    I just Heard today that Dr Scott passed away I’m very saddened by hearing this I didn’t get the privilege to meet him although he touched my wife and my self by just watching him on tv what an amazing man we will miss watching him thank you for what you have done we truly need a lot more of you RIP Dr Scott

  26. Jocelyne Tufts

    I just learned with great sadness of Dr. Sim’s passing. The animals have lost a great champion. I hope his clinic continues to take care of the animals with as much love as he gave them.

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