Author: Jeff Nash

Dramatic Parrot Rescue

[caption id="attachment_2421" align="alignleft" width="300"] Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network rescue in Parrots Magazine.[/caption] October 2015 Update: The Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network is proud to announce that Parrots Magazine, the international monthly publication, has published the story of the dramatic parrot rescue of the Hawaiian 12.  The Hawaiian 12, a flock of blue ands gold macaws, were successfully..

Hawaiian Parrot Stands

Birds Love Trees! We help you bring the tree to the bird!  Nothing but the best for your bird.  Hawaii Parrot Stands! Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network has teamed up with Hawaiian Hardwood, a custom Hawaii Furniture Maker, to provide professionally made parrot stands for honolulu bird owners.. Hawaiian Hardwood crafts professionally made Parrot Stands for any..