Whether your parrot is clipped or flighted it’s very important to put this restraining device, parrot harness, on them when you take them outside so that they can’t fly away.

Even a parrot with clipped wings can hit a gust of wind and be carried up into a tree or out in the street and get hit by a car. So, it’s a very important safety measure to have a parrot harness and to clip it to your belt.

Even when you’re using the harness at home for training you want to keep the harness clipped to your belt. Because if the parrot were to fly off, it’s better that it hit the end of the leash than to fly and get snagged on something and crash.

Most parrots are not accustomed to wearing anything. So, it’s very important to get them accustomed to the material, not be scared of it. Just being able to even show them the material without them getting scared is already a big step forward.

Many owners will try to force a harness onto their parrot, and because their parrot’s very tame, maybe the first couple of times they can get away with it. But after a while, the parrot, when it sees the harness, knows that you’re going to put it on, and it’s going to get scared and try to fly away or bite. So it’s important to make the parrot not scared of the harness in the first place so that it never tries to resist having it put on.

Here are some tips from the professionals to help get you started on parrot harness training with your bird.

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