[accordion_item title=”Dietary Differences Among Birds” open=”true”]Feeding pet birds good food is very important for their health. A balanced parrot diet based on proven bird nutrition is the key to a long life. Balancing a parrot’s diet from the beginning prevents  health and behavior issues later down the road. Still, it’s never too late to get your pet bird on a better diet. Its really important since an unbalanced diet is a main cause of diseases and early deaths in pet birds. All species of birds do not have the same dietary needs. Most psittacines (parrots) are florivores, meaning most of their dietcomes from plants. Some pet birds are omnivores, whose diet can consist of both plant and animal components. There is a special class of florivores called nectarivores, who eat mostly nectar. Learn more about parrot diet from our friends at PetEducation.com.[/accordion_item]

[accordion_item title=”Pelleted Foods”]A more recent innovation in bird nutrition, pelleted foods provide birds with balanced nutrition, all in an easy-to-eat, convenient pellet. Each pellet is formulated for overall bird health.  The usually contain a baked, healthy blend of seeds,grains, vegetables, fruits, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

throughout history, pet bird’s diets consisted mostly of seed. Due to advances in nutritional knowledge and manufacturing processes, pet birds can now enjoy pellets, which are much better than seed diets.

  • Balanced nutrition- Pellet diets contain balanced levels of nutrients, ensuring complete and balanced nutrition. Unfortunately, seed diets cause nutritional problems.  Many seeds are high in fat and low in the nutrients needed.
  • Pelleted foods contain a wide variety of ingredients.
  • Species targeted nutrition- Pellet foods are usually formulated for specific bird species. This will help  feed your bird the exact levels of protein, fat, fiber, and other nutrients it needs to live a long happy life.
  • Less mess- Seed diets create a mess, pellet diets have little to no mess. They are completely edible and therefore less likely to end up all over the floor or on the bottom of your bird’s cage.
  • Reduced need for supplements- Pellet diets contain most of the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals for good bird health, usually making supplements unnecessary. However, your bird may still require nutritional supplements. Consult your veterinarian before supplementing your bird’s pellet diet, .


[accordion_item title=”Sprouts for Pet Birds”]
Seed Sprouting for a Parrot Diet

sproutsSprouting is one of the best ways to ensure your bird gets some of the best nutrition available, made fresh by Mother Nature. There are so many advantages to sprouting, it’s unbelievable. Seeds have been supplied with all of the nutrients, energy and information needed to become a plant. Thus, when sprouted, seed has the nutritional value of the plant but in a
more concentrated form. Considering the fact that parrots are much smaller than people, this packs a huge wallop of nourishment for your bird in the sprout’s tiny package.

SproutsSprouted or germinating seeds presents the simplest method of providing your birds with fresh greens. They are a healthy food addition for all birds, but are absolute necessity for the feeding hen and for the newly weaned young. Sprouted or germinated seeds are usually more easily accepted by “seed addicts” than fresh fruits and vegetables. [/accordion_item]

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