Hawaiian Parrot Stands

April Stands-6700Birds Love Trees! We help you bring the tree to the bird!  Nothing but the best for your bird.  Hawaii Parrot Stands!

Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network has teamed up with Hawaiian Hardwood, a custom Hawaii Furniture Maker, to provide professionally made parrot stands for honolulu bird owners..

Hawaiian Hardwood crafts professionally made Parrot Stands for any size bird. Their master wood craftsmen also have years of experience with Parrots.  Every stand is made from natural, bird safe, cured Hawaiian fruit wood, harvested from mountain estate land on Oahu, away from any bird toxic pesticides.

Standard or custom designs available. Extras like wheels, food and water bowls, toys, ladders, you name it, they can do it all. Whether you need a table top perch stand for a small bird or a giant multi branch free standing play stand for the largest bird, they have the styles. Pricing starts at just $99.00. What are you waiting for? Give your bird the BEST!  Hawaii Parrot Stands!

Don’t get sucked in to buying cheap inferior imitations. These are the real deal. Time tested for everything from Hyacinth Macaws all the way down to cockatiels. Every single Hawaii parrot stand comes with a rock solid guarantee and FREE lifetime replacement options if your parrot ever chews through a branch. Thats right! FREE REPLACEMENT for original owners.

Parrot StandWhy your bird needs a play stand?

According to the experts, being confined to a cage can quickly lead to obesity, depression, boredom, stress and unhappiness. by providing an open air environment, your companion bird can gain a sense of freedom, get more exercise, and gain emotional stability.

Parrot play stands are essential for keeping your bird happy and healthy. There are plenty great reasons your bird needs one, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an argument against play stands.



T standA play stand is an easy way to accommodate your bird’s need to leave the roost.

Out in the wild, parrots don’t spend all day in the same place. In the mornings, the flock gathers to go out and forage for food and explore the world. This helps to keep the roosting area safe from predators because they do not linger around the roosting site to attract attention to it. The flock is kept busy with exploring their environment every day, which also gives them an opportunity to get exercise for the body and their minds.

Unfortunately, in captivity, parrots do not always have this option. Parrot owners lead active lives with work and responsibilities.  Parrots are often left in their cages most of the day. Boredom will set in, as well as anxiety over having to remain in their roosting place throughout the day. Its just not natural.  This often results in behavioral issues like screaming and feather plucking, which are hard to stop. Play stands help to prevent this. They can be placed in any room of the house, allowing the bird access to the action is when the family is home. Our stands are designed to prevent your parrot from easily leaving the stand, which is perfect since it allows caretakers to go about their business while still giving parrots time out of their cage.  Not many  people are willing to supervise every second of their parrot’s out-of-cage time, but having a stand that the parrot can’t easily leave helps to reduce concerns over a parrot who may get into trouble.

standPlay stands make it easy to interact with your parrot.

We love our birds and our birds love us, however, as much as our birds might want to, we can’t carry them around the house all day. Some birds even become aggressive if allowed to ride around on shoulders. Allowing your parrot to play on top of his cage may result in similar aggression if the cage top is higher than eye level, and it’s nearly impossible to interact with a parrot when its caged – toys and perches get in the way, not to mention the fact that some birds get territorial and don’t want anyone’s hand inside their cage! So, what’s the solution? A Hawaiian Hardwood play stand.

As mentioned, play stands can be moved to any room in the house, freeing your hands, while allowing your parrot to remain within sight of you. Play stands are designed to sit a little lower than the cage so you do not risk any dominance aggression. With a play stand there are no obstructions, just face-to-face interaction with your Hawaiian feathered friend. They are a perfect place for training and bonding i, but can become a complete activity center if toys and treats are placed on the stand to keep birds busy.



  1. Norna Hamamoto

    I have lg cockatoos and would be interested in a stand with wheels, and food bowls. Do you have some already made that I could see? Please let me know.

    Thank you,

      1. Keola

        Aloha e Jeff, are the wood perches still in production, i’m interested in purchasing one for my african grey, please advise – mahalo nui loa, aloha,

    1. Author
      Jeff Nash

      Aloha, the stands start at $100 for a table top, $150 for a medium free standing and $200+ for large free standing stands.

  2. leslie calderin

    Hello Jeff, I’m really interested in one of these beauties stands for my african grey, I’m interested in the 4th image going down on the page, can you tell me how much will it cost me, thanks leslie

    1. Author
      Jeff Nash

      Aloha Leslie, That particular one sold very quickly. We can make whatever you might want. We’ll see about getting you and your bird a fixed up!

  3. Audrey

    Hi Jeff—Looks like all your stands are custom made? I’d like to get some ideas & estimats (double yellow head & african grey amazons); how do you handle shipping?

    1. Author
      Jeff Nash

      Sorry, its just not cost effective to ship off island. Yes, they are all custom made to order.

    1. Author
      Jeff Nash

      You can call Jeff Nash at 235-3691 and place an order for a custom hardwood stand.

  4. Liann

    I’m interested in getting a stand for an Indian Ringneck. How would I go about ordering one? Thank you.

    1. Author
      Jeff Nash

      You can call Jeff Nash at 235-3691 and place an order for a custom hardwood stand.

  5. Hannah Baker

    Hi my name is Hannah and I have an afircan grey. Are you guys still making stands? I would love to get an estimate/ design on one for my bird. I was looking to get one shoulder height with food and water bowls if possible and maybe a hook or two to add toys?. Wheels would also be a plus. Looking forward to hearing from you – Mahalo

    1. Author
      Jeff Nash

      You can call Jeff Nash at 235-3691 to order a custom hardwood stand.

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