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Dramatic Parrot Rescue

Hawaiian !2

Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network rescue in Parrots Magazine.

October 2015 Update:

The Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network is proud to announce that Parrots Magazine, the international monthly publication, has published the story of the dramatic parrot rescue of the Hawaiian 12.  The Hawaiian 12, a flock of blue and gold macaws, were successfully rescued as a flock and transported to Bob Dawson’s Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary in Washington.  This giant undertaking was made possible by support and donations from around the world.  The worldwide parrot community stepped up and made a better life possible for these 12 magnificent creatures.  We are humbled by the outpouring of support we received to help us complete the mission.


August 1, 2015 UPDATE:

MISSION COMPLETE! As of this morning, the flock of Blue and Gold Macaws has been safely transported to Bob Dawson’s Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary in Carnation Washington. The entire flock, except for Bugsy, is now together in a flight aviary. Bugsy will be joining them this next weekend.

Hawaii’s Flock of Blue and Golds is home where they can be a flock of parrots, able to spread their wings, fly and forage together. Initial reports are that they are feeding each other, playing with toys and even walking on the ground… all for the first time in their lives!

None of this would have been possible without the help of our supporters. We would like to thank everyone who donated to this cause. YOU made a huge difference! We’d also like to thank our foster family Nadine, Carl and Camille, who took the entire flock into their home on very short notice, nursing and feeding them back to health. Special thanks to Feather and Fur Animal Hospital for house calls and donating their services for avian exams and deworming. Finally, a big Mahalo to all the local organizations who supported this endeavor through donations of parrot food, fruits, and vegetables.

This was truly a community effort. Many of us have grown very fond of these incurably resilient birds! It is with bittersweet sentiments we announce today that its MISSION COMPLETE!



The Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network made a Dramatic Parrot Rescue of 12 Blue and Gold Macaws.  The club received a call at the end of June about 12 adult blue and gold Macaws living in a horrible situation. Several members quickly went to negotiate their rescue. Two days later all the birds were rescued by HFFN.  The club made the decision to pay the ransom on this parrot rescue, nurse the birds back to health then transport the entire flock to the Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary in Washington where they can live out their lives with professional care. The entire flock in now in foster care with one of our expert members.  Unfortunately, all of these poor birds need immediate vet care and medicine due to years of poor diet and neglect. We need your help to make this happen.

Filthy CageWe continue to receive questions about how to make a donation or where to send toys, food, and other various supplies. Here is a list of donation resources in one place to make that choice easier for all.

Our website
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Via PayPal
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Check by Mail
Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network
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Deposit in the Club’s Feather and Fur Account
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For all other donations
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Please send items to:
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Rest assured, 100% of your donation directly supports the health and welfare of the birds we rescue. Our team is 100% volunteer based and frequently absorb costs personally to help these birds that desperately need help.

A big Mahalo to all for your continued support. We will post updates with pictures and video as they become available.

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