4/19/2019 Baby Indian Ringneck Parrot

Aloha Kakahiaka Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network Ohana,

We have another rescue bird in need. This baby/juvenile Indian Ringneck Parrot was turned over to the club shortly after it was found one evening by a good Samaritan. The poor thing’s foot appeared to have had something tangled around it’s toes. What ever that object was (string, twine, hair, wire, mono filament, etc), it eventually worked it’s way into the flesh and nearly amputated several toes on one foot. To make matters worse, the injury must have occurred quite some time back, as the flesh on the toes had died and the decay had spread up the foot, past the ankle and into the lower part of the leg (what would equate to our shin region).

When Dr. Walsh examined the foot and toes, they were cold, black, had no blood flow, and exuded a black discharge. Much to our dismay, we were informed that his foot and part of his leg had to be amputated. As horrific as that sounds, if he doesn’t have the surgery, this bird would die as the decay spreads further up his leg and into his body. We could not let that happen.

This beautiful young Indian Ringneck is the sweetest, calmest little parrot. It’s so gentle and trusting, one would think it was a hand-raised bird and not a wild bird rescued from near death. Perhaps it knows we are just trying to help save it’s life. We were told that young birds like this learn to adapt to life as a one-legged bird. We certainly hope that is the case as we nurse this little green angel back to health.

Can You Help?

Can you spare a few dollars to help save this bird? We need to cover the cost of his surgery, antibiotics and pain relievers, and rehab to save his life. Every little bit helps, really and truly. If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot.

How Can I Donate?

Donate money to the club’s account at Feather and Fur 
Drop by in person or mail your check or money order to: 
Feather and Fur Animal Hospital
“Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network Account”
25 Kaneohe Bay Drive
Kailua, HI 96734
ph: 808-254-1548
fax: 808-254-1540
Make sure you tell them it’s for the Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network Account.

Donate Electronically

You can donate electronically via PayPal https://paypal.me/hwnfeatheredfriends
If you send the money as a friend instead of for goods and services, PayPal doesn’t take out a fee. PayPal doesn’t charge a lot, but when it comes to these rescue birds, every cent helps.

Donate Items

If you have cages, supplies or other items you would like to donate, please email hwnfeatheredfriends@gmail.com and we will make arrangement to pick up your donated items.

All donations and contributions to HFFN are used to rescue birds, provide veterinary care for sick and injured rescue birds, and support our outreach and education activities.