The Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network is the leader in parrot rescue, rehoming and sanctuary placement within the Hawaiian islands.  Our philosophy is a simple one, we accept all birds and do whatever it takes to find it an appropriate home.  Some birds are relatively easy to place as they have no major issues and are well-socialized.  Other birds have special needs (physical handicaps, specialized diets, and/or have suffered abuse/neglect), that require an experienced person to accommodate those special needs.

Parrot Rescue

We are the only bird club in the islands that has performed large-scale parrot rescue operations.  See our posts on the Hawaiian 12, and our latest ongoing rescue effort involving 20+ parrots on O’ahu.  The definition of parrot rescue is a bird that needs to be taken from a bad or life-threatening situation and placed in a better situation. Our experienced members have successfully rescued birds from every imaginable situation and placed them into loving and caring homes with members who are devoted to providing the highest standard of care.  We also have contacts with sanctuaries across the country who are willing to accept birds that, for whatever reason, may not be suitable for a home environment.  This might be an extreme special needs bird, a self-mutilator, or an aggressive bird with a substantial history of biting humans and/or other birds that have not responded to rehabilitation efforts.  If you know of a bird that you think could be in trouble and needs to be rescued, please contact us.  If you have birds and have found yourself in over your head and need help, please contact us.  We can work with you to find a suitable solution.

Parrot Rehoming

Circumstances change and sometimes keeping a bird is not an option. If you are no longer able to take care of your or your family member’s parrot, please contact us. We can assist you in the process. Our network of members may know of someone who may be the perfect match for your bird.  With our years of experience with many different breeds of birds, we work to ensure all rehomed birds are matched with experienced caretakers in safe, loving environments where they are provided with exceptional diets.

Contact HFFN any time for parrot rescue or rehoming, or if you would like to serve as a foster for a bird in need. For more information check us out of Facebook page, call us at (808) 294-7382 or email us at