To clip or not to clip?

Wing clipping can be a controversial subject in the bird world. We do not take sides for this reason. We do believe, however, in giving people the tools to make an informed decision that is right for them when it come to bird grooming. Learn more about wing clipping check out these great resources at Parrot University and at Parrot Parrot

Beak trimming can be a controversial subject. Some beak trims are cosmetic, others are needed for the bird to be able to eat and use the beak properly. If a beak is overgrown it could be a sign of a serious problem, The decision to trim a beak should be made by an avian veterinarian along with the bird’s owner.

Birds can be taught that nail trims are fun. This makes bird grooming much easier. Restrain the bird just as you would for a wing trim, but hold the feet separately. Make short cuts on the nails by holding the toe gently. Make sure to check each toe for blood after you finish clipping. Sometimes its smart to make an appointment with your veterinarian for the first wing and nail clipping. The vet can teach you the right techniques to do it yourself next time.

Learn more about trimming a parrots beak and bird grooming

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