Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network bird club meetings are usually held on the 3rd Sunday of the Month. Meeting dates are posted on our event calendar and our Facebook page.  We meet at the little park nestled between Moana Middle School and Moanalua Elementary School. The address is 1289 Mahiloa Place.  If the pavilion is available we meet there. Otherwise, we meet at the big tree. 

Map showing the location of the Park Pavilion and the Big Tree.

Club Sharing: We encourage club members to share anything that you find helpful with fellow club members…  favorite birdy bread recipes, chop recipes, handy and helpful tips on cleaning, making toys, anything to do with your birds, and even bargains on bird stuff (cages, carriers, toys, food, etc).

As Hawaii’s premier bird club we have a large membership with many years of experience with all types of parrots.  From the majestic Hyacinth macaw to little parakeets and grasskeets, we have them all.  If you are experiencing issues with your parrot’s behavior, one of our club members will have some suggestions for you to try. 

Be part of the Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network and know your participation supports bird and parrot rescue efforts in the Hawaiian Islands.  If you are interested, come to a meeting and say hello. There is no obligation to join.  Membership is FREE

Email: hwnfeatheredfriends@gmail.com
Phone: (808) 294-7382
Message us on: Facebook or Instagram
Our mailing address is:
335 Hahani Street #793
Kailua, HI 96734