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Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network (HFFN)
The premiere Hawaii Parrot Club can also be reached via email at , check out our Facebook page or Call (346) 327-4336.  


  1. Melinda Fisher

    I need to buy finches for my aviary. Gouldian finches mostly. And I am looking for Rosy Bourkes’s parakeets and scarlet- chested soendid grass oarakeets. A pair of each. I will take a large bird that needs a home. But I don’t want to buy one. I live on a 14 acre macadamia nut farm. I would have to keep the large bird in a metal cage on the lanai.

    1. Jeff Nash

      Thanks but we don’t sell birds anyway. We rescue and find new homes in loving families. A large metal cage on the lanai isn’t exactly what we have in mind. Thanks anyway.

  2. Jill


    What available birds do you have for adoptions? Looking for a large bird. Thanks!

    1. Jeff Nash

      We don’t have birds for adoption. We only adopt out to club members. If you would like to join our club feel free to attend our monthly meetings. Membership is free.

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